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86 billion. That’s the number of cells your brain has. Without a doubt, the gooey mass between your ears is controlling your body like nothing else.

It only makes sense to spend most of our time taking care of it. But we don’t. In fact, most don’t even think the…


Mindfulness has spread across the world. It’s made its way into mainstream society. Everyone from the housemaids to the Silicon Valley CEOs is into it.

But there’s one thing that makes me utterly sad about our predicament.

While mindfulness has spread like wildfire, there’s one essential ingredient that is lacking…

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“It’s almost as if science said, “Give me one free miracle, and from there the entire thing will proceed with a seamless, causal explanation.”’ The one free miracle was the sudden appearance of all the matter and energy in the universe, with all the laws that govern it.”


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No matter how many get-rich-quick blogs you read on making money on Medium, there’s only one thing that can guarantee success.

Oh wait, nothing guarantees success here. But the only thing that can increase your chances of success is this:

Write as often as you can and as good as…

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There’ve been countless times I’ve found myself more restless than usual. For as long as I can imagine, I’ve had the urge of checking off all items on my to-do list as fast as I can.

And on the rare occasions when I’m able to do that, I start to…

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It’s a common belief that we use only 10% of our brains. Movies have been made (like Lucy) to show what would happen if we started using a higher percentage. But “that idea is not only inaccurate, but it also doesn’t make any sense,” according to Earl Miller, a professor…

The Soulful Monday Newsletter shares 3 unusual ideas each week to change your outlook on life and ponder upon them deeply. Each mindful thought can be integrated into your life immediately.

I sent this newsletter first to my subscribers about two weeks ago. If you like it and want to…

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Negative emotions bother all of us from time to time. There’s no one who’s free from their hold. So why are some people troubled by them whereas some people appear to be at peace?

Because they deal with the emotions differently.

We face a variety of negative emotions in life…

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While a lot of research has been done around the science of mindfulness, most of it remains scattered, testing various aspects of the practice from stress and pain management to the pursuit of happiness.

A key characteristic of most studies I’ve read is the disregard of the origins of mindfulness…

Shivendra Misra

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