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People who have no idea are turning on it.

Mindfulness has spread across the world. It’s made its way into mainstream society. Everyone from the housemaids to the Silicon Valley CEOs is into it.

But there’s one thing that makes me utterly sad about our predicament.

While mindfulness has spread like wildfire, there’s one essential ingredient that is lacking — Love.

Let me explain.

I recently came across tons of articles talking about the ‘Dark Side of Mindfulness’. As I went on reading, there were two key points I noticed:

First, the people talking about the ‘Dark Side’ were themselves not regular practitioners. …

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The world desperately needs to move towards it.

“It’s almost as if science said, “Give me one free miracle, and from there the entire thing will proceed with a seamless, causal explanation.”’ The one free miracle was the sudden appearance of all the matter and energy in the universe, with all the laws that govern it.”

Rupert Sheldrake

According to what we call science today, the Universe appeared out of nowhere. Everything fell perfectly into its place — the matter, the energies, and all the laws that govern them.

While only a few of us take time to question this hypothesis, it’s worth contemplating. …

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4 hours/week is all you need.

When it comes to training in the gym, I’m a minimalist. Who has the time to spare an hour every day?

I know you too have a lot on your plate. We all have things to do. We have families to take care of, businesses to run, jobs to go to, and an endless list of skills to learn.

But there’s also a deep-rooted desire in all of us to look good. But even though you want it, you think you cannot have it.

“Where’s the time to think about building muscle?” you think.

But I’m here to tell you…

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Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

The no-BS method I use to write more every day

No matter how many get-rich-quick blogs you read on making money on Medium, there’s only one thing that can guarantee success.

Oh wait, nothing guarantees success here. But the only thing that can increase your chances of success is this:

Write as often as you can and as good as you can

Content creators around the globe love to debate about what’s more important — quality or quantity? I say both.

And as a writer, my job is to balance them.

Here’s something to consider: quality increases with quantity up to a certain limit, when it starts to decrease.


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And how spirituality can help

One of the many reasons I struggle to explain my spiritual ideas to people is the fear of being judged as ‘religious’. Personally, what others think of me is inconsequential. What I care about is how they perceive the ideas I’m talking about with them.

And that’s the problem with the whole religion vs spirituality debate. Even before I begin to talk about yogic concepts like energy, chakras, and consciousness, people put a filter of religion on their intellects.

In this case, often my ideas are received with a pinch of Hinduism. In reality, yogic science are secular, not sectarian…

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EPhoto by Luke Braswell on Unsplash

How to exist in the world of loud noises and still thrive

Controlling your tongue is an admirable ability. Alas, very few people seem to have it.

Most meetings, discussions, and calls are a barrage of noises from all directions. It’s the noise of people’s egos trying to be heard instead of trying to add value.

It’s not that their words don’t have any value. It’s the motivation behind their speaking that is the issue. And trust me, the listener picks up on this. We know when someone is saying something just for the sake of it versus genuinely trying to help.

This happens because we tend to associate good leadership with…

Writing for learning is a great fuel but anything else sucks the joy out of my soul

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Content marketing. SEO. Backlinks. Mobile pages. Formatting.


Every time I hear one of those words, I act like I’m cool but inside my soul is screaming — “This is not what I signed up for!”

You see, the reason I started writing was not to build an audience, get a lot of traffic and sell a digital product. I may have to do that to monetize my writing. But every time I think about monetization, I have butterflies in my stomach.

Recently in one of my conversations with Jordan Gross, he said how every time he asks people to…

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Illustration by Mahmoud Khairy

Simple meditation tips for beginners to help set you up for success

Meditation doesn’t need to be hard. Unfortunately, many people feel it is. A major reason behind the seemingly growing difficulty of meditation is the stereotypes around it.

Meditation has a marketing problem. The eastern philosophies from where meditation came from are nowhere taught. Instead what is taught is a quick transactional way to close your eyes for 5 minutes a day and be productive all day long.

While meditation can give a lot of health benefits and improve well-being, that isn’t the goal.

At its core, meditation is about concentration on one or more aspects of God.

The aspects of…

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Photo by Marivi Pazos on Unsplash

A quick technique to help you get started

My first introduction to affirmations came when I was 16 years old. I read the OG self-help book Think and Grow Rich. Ever since then the concept of affirmations has intrigued me.

I mean think about it. The promise of affirmations seems too good to be true: Constantly affirm that which you want to be in the hope that your subconscious mind picks it up and manifest it.

To an ambitious high school kid like me, it was like finding gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ever since then I’ve used affirmations to my advantage. Whether it was about…

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