Rethinking human growth through meditation and spirituality. Join me: πŸ™πŸ»


  • Tastefully Minimalist

    Tastefully Minimalist

    We share our story through the lens of simple living to help others clear clutter, discover freedom & curate a life they love!

  • Valerie Michaels

    Valerie Michaels

    Media entrepreneur and documentary film producer

  • Michael Phelan

    Michael Phelan

    Writer. INFJ. Libra. Empath. COVID Long-Hauler. John Lennon in a world of Pete Bests.

  • Vinay Mahato

    Vinay Mahato

    Novice writer trying to voice his thoughts. Mainly inclined towards Self-Help|Psycholoy|Philosophy and History.

  • Fred Gebhardt

    Fred Gebhardt

    Hey there, Iβ€˜ve spent a few years behind the lens and I have some stories to tell! 🎬@fredgebhardt on most other platforms.

  • jake humphreys

    jake humphreys

  • Pamela Golden

    Pamela Golden

  • Joan O'Donnell

    Joan O'Donnell

    Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor:

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