On Procrastination, Problems, and Clarity

29th March Edition of the Soulful Monday Newsletter

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Here are three unusual ideas that you should ponder upon and start your week on the right foot!


Stop doing the “thing around the thing” and do the “thing”.

2 years back, when I wanted to learn programming to create a product for my startup, I started by talking to developers and asking how should I go about it. Then I read a few books. Then I read some blog posts. And 6 months later, I couldn’t build anything?

Do you know what the right way was? To create the product. To just do the thing directly.

Want to be an entrepreneur? Sell; don’t spend hours on your logo
Want to be a writer? Write
Want to learn German? Speak in German; don’t just listen to people talking in German
Want to be a good student? Study; don’t color-code your folders
Want to get fit? Exercise, don’t spend tons of cash on workout clothes

You get the idea


Solving problems and facing challenges is crucial for our happiness.
Once you achieve something, life becomes incredibly boring if there’s no other problem to solve.

You can only relax for so long. Eventually, you’ll ask — “So, what’s next?” Then you’ll have some more problems to solve!


It took me forty years on earth
To reach this sure conclusion:
There is no Heaven but clarity,
No Hell except confusion.
– Jan Struther

Meditate on it. What do you think it means? And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Until next Monday,
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